The Office of Public Works (OPW) in partnership with Donegal County Council, have commissioned the Lifford Flood Relief Scheme to address flooding in the town.

Objectives and Project Need

The objective of this project is to implement a flood relief scheme for Lifford town that is technically, socially, environmentally and economically acceptable, to alleviate the risk of flooding to the community of Lifford, to a determined “Standard of Protection”, and to procure, manage and oversee the construction of that scheme.

How the work is being delivered

Taking into account, but not relying on, the work done and outcomes of the North Western – Neagh Bann CFRAM Study regarding measures proposed in the FRMP for Lifford, RPS are working in collaboration with Ryan Hanley in assessing and undertaking the design of potential options, for achieving a scheme to provide flood relief from fluvial flooding in Lifford.  

Proposed Solution

The flood relief scheme will compromise five stages, as follows:

Stage I: Scheme Development and Design

Stage 1 will involve the collection of all relevant data related the project, a survey specification will be prepared, tendered and managed and a hydrological and hydraulic analysis of the study area will be carried out. A full cost-benefit analysis of the project will also be undertaken during this stage.

Stage II: Public Exhibition under the 1945 & 1995 Arterial Drainage Acts

Public Exhibition

Stage III: Detailed Construction Design, Confirmation and Tender

Detailed Design & Scheme Confirmation by Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform.
It is proposed that the Flood Relief Scheme may be constructed directly by the Office of Public Works once confirmation has been attained and all detailed design has been finalised.

Stage IV – Construction

Construction will potentially be carried out by OPW direct Labour, supervised by the consultant. A Functioning Scheme will be in place at the end of stage IV.

Stage V – Handover of Works 

Commission of the completion certificate. Preparation of a financial analysis report for the project .  ‘As-Built’ surveys, ‘As-Built’ flood mapping and an updated Climate Change Adaption plan will be prepared.

Public Participation

The Project will include opportunities to participate in public consultation, as well as project information and updates on progress including through this website and events.

The public are encouraged to particpate in Public Consultation events which will be held at various stages throughout the project. These events are in addition to the Public Exhibtion of the Scheme.

A first, opening Public consultation event shall be held on the 27th of February 2020 in the Old Courthouse, Lifford. A second, closing PCD will be held once a preferred scheme has been identified and agreed with the steering group.

The project team can be contacted with queries / submissions by both email and post.